Afrosperity’s Plan to Change the World

What is Afrosperity?

Afrosperity is a platform intended to create space for Africans and those in the African diaspora. We strive to provide diverse voices with a forum to express ideas, advice tailored for our us, and an inclusive e-commerce platform designed to connect diverse entrepreneurs and makers with consumers.

We strive to improve the lives of everyone who visits Afrosperity. We hope that over time Afrosperity will have made a meaningful contribution to the progress and continued success of the diaspora.

Isn’t This Another Blog or Digital Magazine?

We hope not. It will likely feel that way starting out but we are hoping we can change lives. There are three things we hope we can do that other Blogs and Digital Magazines Don’t:

  • We hope to put out thought provoking content that can help you and community.
  • We hope to encourage and inspire.
  • We hope to be a platform that uplifts, connects, and empowers those across the diaspora to pursue their desires and support their communities.

What you will see on Afrosperity?

Afrosperity will have content that empowers the diaspora. We are and will likely continue to experiment on different ways to do this. If you aren’t more informed, feel better, or more empowered to “do” than before engaging our content we need to do better.

Expect to see content ranging from entrepreneurship in West Africa, to the best free coding programs for our children, to leveraging life insurance to protect our families’ wealth. You can expect our content to be rich, relevant, and cultivated from creators across the diaspora.

What you won’t see on Afrosperity?

There are some things you (hopefully) won’t see on Afrosperity. Some of things we strive to keep off our platform are:

  • Hateful content
  • Content that “others” those within the diaspora
  • Content that we believe is likely to result in the economic exploitation of our community

How you can help

There are a few things you can do to help this community be great:

  • Follow us on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook & Twitter
  • Become a paid contributor. We are always looking for articles, data visualizations, short videos and documentaries, images, and interactive content from diverse creatives. Visit our contributor page to learn more.
  • Sell your goods and services on our site. We strive to be a platform providing our community a means to monetize goods and services that are often undervalued or exploited while offering a premium retail experience for consumers in our community
  • Tell us what you what you want. We love and want to do right by you. Tell us how we can make Afrosperity’s experience better address your needs and we will do our best to make it happen.

Thank you for visiting.  We wish continued success for you, your family, and your community.

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