15 Afrofuturism Inspired Fonts For Your Next Creative Project

Typography is art. A well designed font can inspire, invoke strong feelings, and can contribute to a larger astehtic. An example would be the amazing font featured in Black Panther. At Afrosperity we love all things Afrofuturism. When we first launched Afrosperity we were looking for our own “Black Panther Font” that we could rely on to engage and empower our readers. Here is how it went:

We started with the definition of Afrofuturism. A white author named Mark Dery coined the term in his essay “Black to the Future”. Dery first uses the term in the passage below:

“Speculative fiction that treats African-American themes and addresses African-American concerns in the context of twentieth-century technoculture-and more generally, African American signification that appropriates images of technology and a prosthetically enhanced future-might, for want of a better term, be called Afrofuturism.”

Even before the term was term was coined you had artists such as George Clinton and Earth Wind and Fire. There music, outfits, and art embodied what we now call afrofuturism long before it was labeled by Dery. Here is a really good article on Earth, Wind, and Fire’s album covers. 

Some of the themes we were looking for when selecting fonts that embodied Afrofuturism are below:

Power-  Power in the form of cultural dominance comes to mind when we think about Afrofuturism. We envision the development of a culture rending many of the challenges faced by “modern” nations moot.

Opulence- Black folk love to show out. Its no different with our fonts.

Non-Western- Afro-futurism seeks to tell a story of a future with little or no colonial influence. Having minimal western influence is a must.

Modern- Afrofuturism is in . . . the future . . . so the font needs to be modernand ideally futuristic

So with that here are you 15 fonts!

  1. Gilgongo Doro
  2. Zilap Africa
  3. ThisFlag Font
  4. Crossed Type
  5. Zilap Afro
  6. Ghost Cove
  7. Break
  8. Kanji
  9. kolikö 
  10. Shket
  11. Synthesia
  12. Mabry
  13. Kapital
  14. Luciana
  15. UFO Nest

Hopefully this well help you on your next creative project!

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